Why Portugal?


No longer a hidden gem, Portugal continues to be
in the minds of those seeking investment opportunities
and a more desirable lifestyle

Elected as the World’s Leading Destination and Best Destination to Living In, Portugal has become an excellent choice for expats. Its unbeatable sandy stretches, affordably delicious cuisine, and friendly locals are just some of the reasons why the foreign community loves to call Portugal home. Let’s explore further why everyone is flocking here.

Portugal is only a 2 to 3-hour journey from most
main European capitals.

Portugal offers direct flights to South America, North America, Africa and the rest of Europe, making it a very attractive destination not only as a tourist but also a resident. Furthermore, Lisbon is one of the few capitals with the airport located in the heart of the city, saving people valuable time of commute. Besides being a safe destination, and offering interesting tax incentives, its strategic location has been one of the reasons as to why some of the world’s largest companies, from Google to Mercedes-Benz have moved part of its technology focused operations to Portugal.

A Burgeoning Tech Hub & Remote Worker's Paradise

Who doesn’t like to grab a surf board and head to the beach for a much refreshing surf session during lunch break? Or retreating to the countryside to disconnect from life’s daily stresses?

Well, that’s exactly what thousands of tech entrepreneurs and remote workers do once they move to Portugal. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, entrepreneurs find it extremely satisfying to be able to finally reach a desirable work life balance. Something that they miss living in cities like Berlin, London or the Silicon Valley.

Furthermore Lisbon has been the chosen location for many start-ups to establish their operational and technological base with several of the world’s biggest business and technological conferences like the Web Summit taking place here.

Lisbon & Porto: Cities Beaming with Novelty
but also Respectful of the Past.

Portugal is one of the world’s oldest countries but over the last decade or so, the city centre of its primary cities, Lisbon and Porto, have undergone a massive revamp. This has certainly breathed life back to the cities and also has allowed Portugal to meet the standards of today’s discerning residents.

Today both of these towns are vibrant, offering an excellent quality of life thanks to its blossoming retail, residential, and commercial offers while at the same time only a short distance away from the ocean and parks. As such, it’s not surprising to see foreigners who come to Lisbon or Porto merely for a scouting trip, only to realise why they haven’t moved here before.

As property developers in Portugal, we are actively paying close attention to general trends. We believe wholeheartedly that, while the country has developed greatly over the last decade, there’s still immense opportunity. Our project in Montijo Bay, just across the Tagus River facing Lisbon, is case in point.